Professional Services

The competitive environment of the telecommunication industry (specifically Mobile Wireless), and the increase of data capacity offering to end consumers require operators to adopt new backhaul and cell sites covering strategy. Arium Stream Professional Services can help operators addressing these challenges.

Backhaul Design

Arium Stream offers a complete and broad range of End to End Backhaul design. Our offer covers the first three (3) Layers of the OSI model:

  • Layer 1: Point-to-Point Microwave, NLOS system, HNET and Fiber network planning
  • Layer 2.5/2: MPLS/Ethernet, QoS and OAM design
  • Layer 3: IP network and QoS design

The company closely work with our customers to fully understand their needs, requirements (e.g. future expansions), and existing infrastructure. Arium Stream commits to submit a detailed design for the complete network, which covers common or specific topologies, specifications, performance requirements, products used, protection, and management.

On-Site Lab Validation

Before signing off a backhaul design, Arium Stream provides a proof of concept in lab. This is an important phase in the design process, as it ensures our customers’ technical requirements are fulfilled, and at the same time, provides a compatibility assurance of the new equipment integration to the existing.

Scripting Application Development

Arium Stream professional services is not limited to the backhaul design activities. The company also offers scripted application development based on the customer’s specifications.

Field Technical Support

During and after the deployment of the designed solution, Arium Stream provides field engineering supports. By this mean, the company ensures the technical knowledge transfer.


When acquiring dBm PlannerTM, the customer can request a training session. It covers the purchased modules.