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End Q3 2023

dBm Planner 4.0 release available

END Q4 2018

dBm Planner Standard 3.0 release available

Free App dBm Planner 3D map 1.0 released on Windows Store


dBm Planner Standard 2.0 release available

Arium Stream Software

Arium Stream product offerings are a unique solution for Mobile Backhaul engineering

The highly competitive environment of the engineering services industry requires companies, operators and organizations to use efficient tools for accurately performing projects at lower cost. Developed by Arium Stream, dBmPlannerTM is an innovative software addressing the needs of the wireless industry for mobile backhaul network design, and the needs of any organization or company requiring technical data (i.e. clutter heights, terrain elevation, Fiber routes mapping etc.).

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Arium Stream Services

Arium Stream consultants and personals are committed to provide customers high quality and dedicated professional services. We focus in the mobile wireless business and any other telecommunication segment related to data transport. We cover the following areas:

  • On site dBm Planner customization and integration to existing databases
  • Backhaul design:
    • Layer 1: Point-to-Point Microwave, NLOS system, HNET and Fiber network planning
    • Layer 2.5/2: MPLS/Ethernet design, QoS and OAM
    • Layer 3: IP network and QoS design
  • On site lab validation, network planning and system integration
  • Post implementation services
  • Field technical support
  • Training